Buying a Business with Tax Free Funds

Did you know you can use your home equity or your 401K retirement funds for buying a business without paying taxes or penalties?
Many individuals have the necessary down payment to buy their own business in their home equity or their retirement funds. Typically, every dollar of down payment is equal to a dollar of annual business earnings. In other words if you can come up with $250,000 from your home or 401K, you can put down $250,000 on a business that makes $250,000 per year (remember to not deplete all of your funds on the down payment, keep out a few dollars for operating capital).

It only seems fitting that you should be rewarded for the smart decision you made in buying a home or good saving habits. After all, you planned well, you did the right thing - you saved for your future.

More about Tax Free Funds
Tax laws in America prevent savers from dipping into their 401K, IRA, profit-sharing, or annuity plans. In fact, in many states, you'll lose more than 50% of your funds in taxes and penalties, just for accessing the rainy-day savings you've worked so hard to accumulate. A program is available that provides a perfectly legal, perfectly simple approach to help you acquire down payment money with your savings. The program allows you to release the money in your retirement funds and use it for buying a business - without penalty, and without taxes. The program was started specifically to help people like you acquire the financial freeedom of owning your own business. Many people have been affected by downsizing or outplacement, and find themselves with money tied up in a retirement account while looking for ways to become their own boss. You can have significant savings from elimination and/or reduction in taxes on your money and use it to pursue the American dream. You can use the money to purchase a franchise, buy an existing business, or start your own entrepreneurial venture. And you won't lose a penny by doing so. The program may be just what you need to begin your bright new future. A future you control. If this sounds too good to be true, then we invite you to talk to hundreds of new business owners who have benefited from our plans. Hundreds of individuals just like you have benefited from the services to start or buy their own companies using their retirement funds, without distributions, penalties, taxes, or the use of loans.