5 Reasons to Buy a Pack and Ship Business

Shopping is easy today. You can go online and buy just about whatever you want, whether it’s a high price point item like a new washing machine, or just a tube of toothpaste.


Regardless of the item’s size or weight, it can be shipped right to your front door. Thanks to this increase in online retail, the packing and shipping business is also booming.


It’s being called the “Amazon effect.” Since more retailers are offering free shipping (think Amazon Prime accounts), shoppers are indulging in small ad-on items to reach minimum purchase requirements. U.S. trucking tonnage is at record highs, and FedEx and UPS recently raised their rates even though fuel prices are at record lows.


Shipping is a rapidly growing business opportunity and can be profitable for both independent businesses and franchises. For those who prefer a turn-key approach to business, a franchise like a UPS Store, can provide owners with quick earning potential in the postal and business services industry. For those who prefer a more individual approach, many independent pack and ship businesses are also thriving.


Here are 5 reasons to buy a pack and ship business now:


1.       Low start-up costs


The initial costs for a basic packaging and shipping store can be minimal compared with other businesses with inventory, but choosing the right location is key. The best locations will have no competitors nearby, be on a main roadway and near other businesses. To get started, you will need shipping and packing material, shelving, a bar code printer and scanner, labels and label printer, shelving, computers, credit card readers and cash registers at a minimum.


2.       You have an interest in logistics and shipping


Fast, efficient and safe shipping quality will be important to maintain. Convenience will surely be an important a factor for your customers, so make sure they can get in and out of your store quickly. Set up accounts with the postal service and other major shipping companies so that you have options to present to your customers. UPS, FedEx and DHL are the leaders in the industry but also consider local trucking companies and courier services to expand your shipping offerings.


3.       You have an interest in growing your business with additional services


As we mentioned before, convenience is a factor for customers, so consider offering value-added services to make your pack and ship store a one-stop shop. Here are some services that you can consider adding on when the time is right for your business:


·         Fax, laminating and photocopying services

·         Mailbox rentals

·         Money order and wire transfer services such as Western Union

·         Office supplies

·         Shipping and packing supplies

·         Personal services such as notarization or gift wrapping


4.    You have an interest in networking to build your business


A quick way to grow your business will be through partnerships with other businesses. Consider offering a daily, low-cost package pickup to nearby businesses. Take that concept even further by adding on-call services. When a business has a package that needs to be shipped, you take care of it on an as-needed basis.


5.    You Love Customers


Exemplary customer service will keep your customers coming back for their packing and shipping needs so make sure your staff is well trained and courteous.


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